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60x60 Untwelve Mix at Lewis University

The 60x60 Video UnTwelve mix continues its tour around the globe at Lewis

University for MusicBYTES March 18, 2011 at noon. Hear (and see) 60 microtonal electronic music by 60 composers, each lasting 60 seconds be paired with video by Patrick Liddell. This 60-minute event is the result of a collaboration between Vox Novus's 60x60 and the Chicago-based Patrick Liddell and UnTwelve. The miniatures presented will all be part of what we call the UnTwelve Mix--short works with a focus of the novel beauty of tuning which escapes the rigid boundaries of 12-tone equal temperament, and the use of microtones. 60x60 Video UnTwelve Mix Video Colaboration with Patrick Liddell March 18, 2011 at 12:00 PM noon MusicBYTES Lewis University Ives Hall March 18, 2011 @ noon

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