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OUT NOW! Pauli's Dreams by ontologist

Full-length FOURTH album from ONTOLOGIST!

This collection of groovy and saucy sonic delights studies the beauty of the physical world around us and the mathematics that govern it all. Wolfgang Pauli was fascinated with the inner workings of the cosmos, and his dreams helped him come to terms with one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics.


Mark Clifford on Vibraphone

Daniel DuBois, vocals

Darren Johnston on trumpet

Charles Gorczynski on saxophone

Ziqing Gong on Hammond E100

Matthew Nicholson on synths

Anthony Scuderi on bass

Paul McCullough on guitars

Stephen Parris on guitar

Ben Hjertmann, vocals

Myra Chachkin, cello

Connie Millecan, violin

Ben Flax, vocals

Peter Garrelick, slide guitar

and more!

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