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Ye Olde

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Repainted Landscapes

I've been buying landscapes and painting monsters into them for many years now. I first saw the idea while on tour in Germany, and at one venue/gallery there was one painting that was exactly that: obviously 'found' landscape with a cartoonish monster proudly standing in the middle. Unfortunately I was performing around that same moment and wasn't able to record the artist or the piece that was at the gallery, but that idea burned in my mind as I came across old, bad landscape paintings at the thrift stores I frequented.

There is a world that has grown from these paintings, one that all the monsters inhabit. It involves rainbow fountains, gleaming jewels, and multi-dimensional music. But without seeing all the paintings together in detail would it never make any continuous sense. But I welcome you to have a piece of that Universe for your own!

Some Available on: !

Hanging Structures
(Macramé &


Macramé is so easy! There's only two knots. It is repetitive but you can't be too autonomous about it, there's a lot of counting. Also they tend to be practical in design; I've only ever made one completely sculptural one (and then proceeded to leave it outside for months without taking a photo of it before it disintegrated).

Musical Instruments,
& Custom Game Parts

Other Creative Stuffs

These projects don't fit in the other categories; a 'junk drawer' of creations if you will.

Cosplay is a wonderfully creative endeavor – there are no patterns to follow! As with all art, some turn out better than others – these are the best of my attempts.

I have learned a lot from making the hurdy gurdy and refurbishing the cello. I have plans for more instruments... we'll see if there's ever time for them!

I'm not sure were the idea for the Catan hex tiles came from but they are a blast to make! Get one for your hometown!!

Other projects are either self explanatory, or not.

& Chickens

Greenhouse of Reclaimed Windows

I am lucky to have a large backyard for living in an urban area

and these are the adventures therein.

The greenhouse was a great idea at the time!

It has its problems. But it still works!

I Make

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