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360° Sanguine Mix performed in London!

The 360 degrees of 60x60 Video (Sanguine Mix) Video Collaboration with

Patrick Liddell will play at an experimental audio event to celebrate the Sprawl's 15 years of regular, and occasional projects - including mini-festivals and eclectic music evenings - since 1996, with this very special night featuring a fantastic and unique line-up of performances. COMMON OBJECTS - common objects is an all-star line up of improvisors lead by avant harpist Rhodri Davies, complimented by renown violinists and laptop artists Angharad Davies, Lina Lapelyte and Phil Durrant, alongside the very physical saxophonist John Butcher. SIMON FISHER TURNER - Simon Turner, is a musician, songwriter, composer and actor. After dabbling with pop stardom in the early 70s, Simon became an internationally renown film soundtrack composer - writing music for several of Derek Jarman films such as Blue & Carravagio. VIV CORRINGHAM, PETER CUSACK, CLIVE BELL Viv Corringham (voice) and Peter Cusack (guitar, saz, samples & electronics) perform songs, mixed with improvisation, and soundscapes created from environmental recordings - all controlled live. Special showcase: 360 degrees of 60x60 Video (Sanguine Mix) Video Collaboration with Patrick Liddell details: date: Thursday January 27th 2011 doors: 7.30 pm ticket price: £8 in advance (from ticket web) and £10 on the door VENUE: Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin Street Dalston, London, E8 3DL

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