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360° Sanguine Mix at Fresno New Music Festival

On Saturday, November 6th, 2010 at 5:00 PM the Fifth Annual Fresno New Music Festival will present the 360 degrees of 60x60 Video (Sanguine Mix), a collaboration with the video artist and composer, Patrick Liddell.

60x60 Sanguine Mix Saturday, November 6, 2010 5:00 PM CSU, Fresno Music Building Concert Hall The Fifth Annual Fresno New Music Festival CSU, Fresno Music Building 5241 N Maple Ave Fresno, CA 93710 Concert tickets $7, Seniors/Faculty/Staff $6 All student tickets are FREE

360 degrees of 60x60 (Sanguine Mix) 60x60 contains 60 works from 60 different composers. Each composition is 60 seconds (or less) in duration sequenced together to create a one hour performance. Highlighting the work of a great many composers, 60x60 testifies to the vibrancy of contemporary composition by presenting the diverse array of styles, aesthetics and techniques being used today. This 60x60 video collaboration with Patrick Liddell is called 360 degrees of 60x60 (Sanguine Mix) and is sponsored in part by the International Computer Music Association (ICMA) - <> The works included in the mix were created specifically for the 2010 ICMC RED Edition (International Computer Music Conference) presented by Stony Brook University in New York City and Stony Brook. Six 60x60 mixes featuring 360 pieces from different composers throughout the world will presented during the conference and at remote concerts around the globe. The 6 different mixes are all named a different shade of red to honor the RED edition of ICMC: 60x60 Burgundy mix, Crimson mix, Magenta mix, Sanguine mix, Scarlet mix, and Vermilion mix. Each mix is one hour long and contains different composers totaling to 360 different works each by different composers from countries around the world. All of the video was created by Patrick Liddell. Robert Voisey is the music coordinator and "macro-composer" for the Burgundy mix, Magenta mix, Sanguine mix, and Scarlet mix.

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