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High Fructose

for two small ensembles (saxophone and female vocalists, and bass with french horn)

Sound Clips coming soon!

Program notes:

Despite what movie music may imply, music is inherently nondescript. While it mimics movement and emotion within our daily lives, when forced to determine the 'meaning' or 'intention' behind a particular piece of music (without prior verbal or conceptual baggage already attached), it is practically impossible to say what the 'meaning' is (if any). This ambiguity is something that composers have always played with, from the deceptive cadences of Bach and Mozart to the unsteady rhythmic vacillations of Gerard Grisey's Vortex Temporum. In a different way, that is the idea behind this piece: two separate pieces, each with its own meter and tonality, sound complete within themselves; but when played simultaneously, new and richer rhythms and harmonies emerge. While it seemed that the content of each movement was constant and unambiguous, in reality it was only the ambiguity that we were able to perceive.

Click here to download the score!

Click here to download the parts, so you can perform it yourself!

Click here to download the Reason document, so you can alter and create your own version!

Performers on the recordings are: Elizabeth Petersen, bass; Kaoru Matsushita, horn; Anthony Paggett (alto sax); Starr Busby, Catherine Brookman, Denise Wernly (voices).


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