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4 Notes From Christine

for Marimba Solo and Percussion Ensemble


These four movements were inspired by four handwritten notes I once received. Each movement treats the text of the notes differently: the rhythm of the passacaglia in the first movement, the stately ensemble chords in the second movement, the rhythm of the solo pad in the third movement, and the "lyrics" to the melodic line in the fourth. I treat each of the parts as a melodic instrument, and throughout the work the instruments trade roles with the marimba soloist.

This performance is none other than the now-world-famous Third Coast Percussion Quartet, featuring guest marimba soloist Ryan Kilgore. This performance was in April 2007 at Northeastern University in Chicago.


If you would like to follow along, please feel free to download the score for each movement here:

Movement IV (Not Performed)

(Parts freely available upon request.)

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