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Hey ONTOfriends! It's been a while coming, but please check out the NEW, THIRD album released this week on Canzona Records!

EXIT is the second installment of the Cantor's Comb cycle of 4 albums. The meanings woven through the last album ("The Book Of Lists") are still present here, told through the lens of EXIT's overarching ideas, including ambience, Buddhism, silence, rebirth, and dreams. You'll still find the delicious schmorgasbord of musical delights, served up this time by a dream team of talent from Chicago, San Francisco, Melbourne, and other locales across the globe!


Caroline Davis, saxophone (New York City)

Brea Acton, voice (Melbourne, AUS)

Matthew Nicholson, voice, snyth, layers (Geelong, AUS)

Charles Gorczynski, saxophone, synths, bandoneon (Oakland, CA)

Adam Klein, electric bass (Raleigh, NC)

Tommy Faulds, beats (Chicago, IL)

Ben Hjertmann, voice (Chicago, IL)

Ila Cantor, guitar (Oakland, CA)

Daniel Fabricant, acoustic bass (San Fran, CA)

Mynah Gamelan (Oakland, CA)

Kristina Dutton, violin (Berkeley, CA)

Corey Dixon, guitars (Milwuakee, WI)

Jon Myers, drums (New York City)

and more!

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