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Space-Time Is Love-Bliss

Premiered at Electronic Music Midwest miniFestival on March 11, 2010 at Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois. Intended for tape and 2 videos, in which the second video is projected at a large convex mirror and reflected across the entire auditorium walls and ceiling.

Program notes:

The title is a quote from spiritual teacher Adi Da Samraj, discussing the connection between our Universe and our thoughts. This sentiment is echoed in current quantum theory, where consciousness is required to collapse the behavior of electrons (as exemplified in the infamous Schrödinger's Cat paradox). I used the electron emission spectrum of elemental hydrogen as the source for timbral and formal material within this piece. The dual-duality of the title also suggests the fractal (in this case, Cantor's Comb) nature of the Universe, again found in the emission spectrum of hydrogen and a formal factor in both the music and video.

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