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60x60 International Mix 2009

60 works by 60 different composers. Each piece exactly 1 minute long, played back to back. This ultimate mix tape of largely original works becomes the bread and butter of Vox Novus's 60x60 project. It has become so large and successful in the last few years that multiple offshoots have started, including a Midwest Minutes Mix and a Pacific Rim Mix.

This year Robert Voisey, ringleader at Vox Novus, asked me to collaborate with them for their 2009 International Mix. 60 composers from around the world combine into an intense and orgiastic hour of sonic bliss. I composed and recorded 60 short videos to accompany the sound! Please check out the collaborators list for Vox Novus here:

and please check the events schedule to see if the International Mix (or any of the other mixes) is playing near you:

Says Voisey:

Friday September 25, 2009 – 60x60 Video (2009 International Mix) So all this starts somewhere around the G20 conference in Pennsylvania, Friday September 25, 2009. 60x60 had a private screening of the 2009 International Mix with a video collaboration from Patrick Liddell. David Morneau and David Berlin presented this screening is in an effort to create a large interactive educational outreach program using 60x60. (Another new initiative for Vox Novus and the 60x60 project.)


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