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ADSR 2: Bifurcation

8/2/2008 5:56pm

ADSR A semi-regular series of episodes exploring the sometimes-confusing and often-beautiful world around us through music, video, and light-hearted philosophy. Episode Two: Bifurcation In the second episode we take a look at the dichotomy of human existence. Why do we always see everything in black and white? What does that say about the way we process our experiences? Featuring an ontologist original, some bizarre computer footage from the 80's, and a few words of advice from none other than The Beatles themselves.

If you know anyone that would like to know about this, please forward this to them or forward me their email address and I'll include them in the next posting. Postings will be made at the release of every two episodes; you are welcome and encouraged to join the mailing list! Please write to me here!

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