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… by Sixty

for tape

created for the Vox Novus 2005 Midwest Mix


I wrote this piece for Vox Novus's 60 x 60 project, in which sixty tape pieces of exactly one minute each are played back to back, filling one hour. My piece takes this concept one step further though; in Sixty, I break the time into smaller segments and wrote 60 one-second pieces.

I had just discovered the term "ontology" at the time I wrote this piece (and hadn't thought of "ontologist" yet), and some then-students at Northwestern Uni composition students voiced the word for me for this recording as well. Voices include:

  • Johnathon Kirk

  • Kenn Kumpf

  • Joann Cho

  • Jennie Gottschalk

  • Lee Weisert

(Some samples include: accordion, waterphone, electric bass, film strips of the 1950's (in particular "Duck and Cover"), and my 2005 freshmen aural skills class.)


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