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The Waiting Variations

a dubby duet for marimba and electric bass


Simply an homage to the great Bob Marley, a version of one of my favorite pieces of his, Waiting in Vain.

Performance by Sean Connor (marimba) and Tristan Arnold (bass) of Exposure Ensemble, at Norris Center on Northwestern University Campus, November 8th, 2005.

Program notes from the concert:

This piece is not-so-loosely based on the song from Bob Marley’s Exodus—Movement of Jah People album, Waiting In Vain. It uses an extended harmonic progression from the original, but many bass passages as well as melody motifs can be recognized throughout. There are a total 5 ‘variations’ to the chorus melody, each with a distinct change in rhythm and technique. As the piece progresses each variation slips a bit more out of key, into the final variation, which is very free. For the final ‘tag’ chorus, dissonances are resolved and the two instruments return to the home key. This piece is dedicated to Bob Marley.


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