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Now I'm Gone

(Definite And Indefinite Hours)

Don't fear, girl, the real world won't lie

Sense that vague persistent feeling

Strange but still appealing

That dreams are just as real.

Don't cry, please, realize these short lives

See the granite message, gleaming,

Embossed acrossed it reading:

"Ask me, now I'm gone."

Don't spin, dear, don't leave here, tonight

Smell the love, intoxicating

But note there is no waiting

Nor is there any milk.

Don't ask why, realize I ring twice

Taste the bitter truth of losing

Its message so confusing:

"Catch me, now I'm gone."

Oh please release me Gautama

Oh please do not forsake me Hypnos

Oh please Ometeotl remember me

Oh please oh please dear Maat oh please

Don't hold back, under attack, aim high

Feel the painful winds, they're blowing

And there's no way of knowing

Which way is even up.

Don't sigh, now, realize our taut ties

Hear the million bells, they're ringing

But just one voice that's singing:

"Love me, now I'm gone."

New Project (3).png

Ben Hjertmann: vocals
Corey Dixon: rhythm guitar
Anthony Scuderi: electric bass and guitar
Mark Clifford: vibraphone
Peter Garrelick: slide guitar
Ziqing Gong: Hammond E100
Constance Millecan: violins and violas
Myra Chachkin: cellos
Paul McCullough: guitars
Charles Gorczynski: alto saxophone
Darren Johnston: trumpet
Other: synth bass, keyboards, trombone

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New Project (2).png
New Project.png
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