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(An Accurate Representation Of)

The Cosmic Number

Danielle Dubois: vocals
Art Squillante: drums
Anthony Scuderi: electric bass
Corey Dixon: rhythm & stick guitar
Paul McCullough: acoustic guitar
Peter Garrelick: slide guitar
Mark Clifford: vibraphone
Susan Hurwitz: clarinet
Constance Millecan: fiddle
Charles Gorczynski: alto saxophone
Darren Johnston: trumpet
Other: marimba, gangsta synth, aux percussion

This Time, This Space

And This Knowledge, clinging

Closely to simple numbers

He shouted at the sky


What now? How can

He remain calm, needing

Answers and revelations to

Fine Structure Constants


He loves, he hurts

And then he sleeps, dreaming

Of thee mysterious woman

Anima divine


Dancing, down stairs

And then she stops, pointing

To thee deffraction patterns

Bands of light and life


They hum, they glow

And then they burn, forming

Slowly unfolding patterns

In shells and in the stars


He wakes, he laughs

And then he cries, counting

Every last cosmic number

In Truth, in Death, in All


The men whose wives have

objectified rotation are being tried.

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