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Samsara, Again, And Again

(D = log N(a) over log 1 over a)

Main Vocals: Aliva Panigrahi

Celeste: Dan Cantrell

Drums: Michael Pinkham

Bass: Anthony Scuderi

Tenor Sax: Izaak Mills

Vocals: Nathalie Colas, Lisa Graciano, Megan Hewitt, Jenna Mammina, Ben Hjertmann

Berkeley Synth Museum: Formanta Polivoks, Octave Cat MKI, Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

Other: Trombone, Harpsichord: Vocals (1).png (3).png

Don't worry, my dear, you are just starting again

Still you are not ready for this wheel to come to rest.

Please, spin not, dearest love, the good news is we can

Keep trying, trying, trying, every time

You are the only antidote

An exit from this sad and painful dream

And there you are, the last footnote

That dual message not meant for tiny me

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