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Globehead Tote-A-Face In The Lobby of The Empire State Building

(Featuring Burpy Girlfriend™ As The Veiled Woman) 

Chapter 2: The Seirpinski Carpet


As I regard physics and psychology as complementary types of examination, I am certain that
there is an equally valid way that must lead the psychologist from behind
(namely, through investigating the archetypes) into the world of physics.
As an example of background physics, I shall discuss a motif that occurs regularly in my dreams -
namely, fine structure, in particular doublet structure of spectral lines
and the separation of a chemical element into two isotopes.
- Wolfgang Pauli to Carl Jung

Derin Kenny: original harp recording
Matthew Nicholson: layers
Charles Gorczynski: bandoneon
Other: vocals samples, synths,
melodica, concertina, accordion, harmonica

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