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• Tommy Faulds: Slow Beats

• Charley Gorczynski: Alto Saxophone, Pan Processes

• Joshua Marshall: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone

• Theo Padouvas: Trumpet

• Kristina Dutton: Violins, Violas

• Douglas Machiz: Cellos

• Other: Synth Pads, Claps, Distant Vocals, Male Vocals, Trombone (and Brass Processing), Beats, Percussion Loops, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Chaossilator, Electric Piano and Organ Synths, Stravinsky (and other) Samples

(From The Kama Sutra)

The following are men who generally obtain success with women: Men well versed in the science of love • Men skilled in telling stories • Men acquainted with women from their childhood • Men who have secured their confidence •  who send presents to them • Men who talk well • Men who do things that they like • Men who have not loved other women previously • Men who act as messangers • Men who know their weak points • Men who are desired by good women • Men who are united with their female friends • Men who are good looking • Men who have been brought up with them • Men who are their neighbors • Men who are devoted to sexual pleasures • The lovers of the daughters of their nurse • Men who have been lately married • Men who like picnics and pleasure parties • Men who are liberal • Men who are celebrated for being very strong • Enterprising and brave men • Men who surpass their husbands in learning and good looks, in good qualities, and in liberality • Men whose dress and manner of living are magnificent

We are more than that which makes us

Pure vibration hurting, crying

Cosmic flotsam laughing, talking

Stardust fractals loving, dying

What would you do in my tap shoes?

Probably not the same, I'm guessing

Sing and dance and ask politely

Still she turns away so slightly


We are machines built by our genes

Fragile mice on spinning treadmills

Meat puppets that feign right from wrong

Countless children making pinwheels

What would you do in my sandals?

Probably not the same, I'm guessing

She's been waiting, aching brightly

Tastes so good but holds so tightly


We are smart and we are able

Stuck in patterns, overspending

If we can learn our potential

Our dreams combined have no ending

What would you do in my moon boots?

Probably not the same, I'm guessing

She might liberate me nightly

Full of love though I tread lightly


We are more than what which makes us

Ready for our phoenix burning

Waiting for the rising ashes

Awakened to our final yearning

What would you do in my tap shoes?

Probably not the same, I'm guessing

And while I can't get it rightly

Someday she'll be here beside me

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