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The Lorenz Strange Attractor (where ρ = 28)

Lorenz Strange Attractor (where ρ = 28) includes:

2021-01-14 11.39.35.jpg
2021-01-14 11.41.34.jpg

Toru Arima And His Noche Cubana - Japan In A Latin Mood

2021-01-14 11.40.13.jpg
2021-01-14 11.41.14.jpg

John Cage - A Book Of Music For Two Prepared Pianos

2021-01-14 11.40.19.jpg
2021-01-14 11.41.07.jpg

Charles Dodge - Speech Songs from Synthesized Voices

2021-01-14 11.39.58.jpg
2021-01-14 11.41.28.jpg

Isao Tomita - The Tomita Planets

2021-01-14 11.40.06.jpg
2021-01-14 11.41.21.jpg

Gerard Kramer Bali - The Celebrated Gamelans;  Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Dance

2021-01-14 11.40.26.jpg
2021-01-14 11.40.41.jpg

John Mitchell - The Way of Eiheiji, Zen Buddhist Ceremony 

And lost:

- Dumisani Abraham Maraire, The African Mbira

- Music Of The Shona People of Rhodesia

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