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Similarities in life I find, time and time and time and time combined (and rhymed)

And so you know, in stereo, to and fro the river flows to where it goes (perhaps inside of me, or the tops of trees)

Even evil effegies that seep between the sheets and scream don't effect me (at least in my dreams)

For are we not without savior-faire?

(So suspicious, but not malicious, got auspicious, so deliciously... ah!)

Who pursues, in gloomy rooms, most afternoons the wounded news of boorish doom? (Is it you?)

And what of love; our skulls and lungs, our thumbs and tongues undone on drugs was just enough (If off the cuff.)

Straightaway, it's safe to say that day by day a pay to play is barely sane (again, they claim)

For are we not without savior-faire?

(So ambitously...)

Ben Hjertmann, Vocals

Stephen Parris, Electric Guitars, Electric Bass

Paul McCullough, Electric Guitars

Max Baloian, Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Moogerfooger

David Grant, Nord Rhodes

Michael Pinkham, Drums

Ken Eldridge, Alto Saxes

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In dynamical systems theory, a period-doubling bifurcation occurs when a slight change in a system's parameters causes a new periodic trajectory to emerge from an existing periodic trajectory—the new one having double the period of the original. With the doubled period, it takes twice as long (or, in a discrete dynamical system, twice as many iterations) for the numerical values visited by the system to repeat themselves.

A period-doubling cascade is an infinite sequence of period-doubling bifurcations. Such cascades are a common route by which dynamical systems develop chaos.

Period doubling has been observed in a number of experimental systems. There is also experimental evidence of period-doubling cascades. For example, sequences of 4 period doublings have been observed in the dynamics of convection rolls in water and mercury. Similarly, 4-5 doublings have been observed in certain nonlinear electronic circuits. However, the experimental precision required to detect the ith doubling event in a cascade increases exponentially with i, making it difficult to observe more than 5 doubling events in a cascade.

- Wikipedia March 2021

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