Cartesian Theater says that I am

Just because I think

If only it were that easy

Can you blame god for this too?

If our mind were simple enough to understand it

Then we'd be too simple to understand it

What is behind those beautiful eyes?
And why is it a secret to me?

This story old, Greatest ever told

Should we die before we wake


We should find that we are fake

John Carroll: thrash drums
Caroline Davis: alto saxophone
Susan Chiara: vocals
Lee Weisert: electric guitar
David Grant: bass rhodes, rhodes
Adam Klein: electric bass 
Laura Patterson: flute
Megan Robbins: oboe
KT Somero: clarinet
Dave Miller: jazz guitar
Rob Clearfield: DX7
Anthony Abbinanti: drums
Corey Dixon: funky guitar
Kenn Kumpf: backup vocals
George Lawler: aux percussion
Patrick: ethnic flutes, tambourine, 
accordion, fake drums, pad synth, 
backup vocals


lead sheet in C

woodwind chords

background vocals