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Four conditions, Vyagghapajja, conduce to a householder’s weal and happiness in this very life.

The accomplishment of persistent effort (utthana-sampada), the accomplishment of watchfulness (arakkha-sampada), good friendship (kalyanamittata) and balanced livelihood (sama-jivikata).

(2) Jazz:

Caroline Davis, Alto Saxophone

Ila Cantor, Guitar

Daniel Fabricant: String Bass

Jon Myers: Drum Set

(3) 80's New Wave

(4) Polka:

Brooke Lipson, Clarinet

Jonathon Kirk, Banjo

Adam Klein, Electric Bass

(5) Solo Piano

Rosie Humphery, Piano

Fourteen Untaken Photographs Of Annabelle

Prefilter: A Minkowski Sausage
Flawless Fractal (z sub n plus 1 = z sub n squared plus c)
Hello Goodbye (Aon! Doh! Shtaayim! Kat! Paanch!)
Strider Decends The Devil's Staircase/ Lorenz Strange Attractor (where σ = 10)
Sommes-nous Sans Savoir-faire?
Samsara, Again, And Again (D = log N(a) over log 1 over a)
Ska-Mambo For 18 Musicians -Section VI
Minibrots?! USA it! (Feat. The Horns Of Time)
(An Alhambrian Recreation Of) The Cosmic Number
Om Namah Shivaya (x sub n plus 1 = a times x sub n times 1 minus x sub n)
G.T-A-F.I.T.L.O.T.E.S.B (F.B.G.™A.T.V.W.) Chap. I: T.B.M.A.T.A-M.
From Seahorse Valley To Koch Island
Any Djintobramblindopixomeviopiffitwispucratic Thing
Àguas De Março
That Dream (Along The Axial Cusp, c = .28 +.008i) (Reprise)
Posfilter: Uḍumbara
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