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You've settled Catan countless times... Now you can settle your own hometown! 

Custom Catan Hexes sets - made to replace the original hex boards that come with the game.
They don't alter the play of the game at all, simply a beautiful cosmetic upgrade. 

The perfect gift for the Catan lover in your life who already has all the expansions!

Each one of these is made to order! In the pictures here there are examples of Maps of Denver, North & South Carolina, SF Bay Area, and Oakland, CA. These exact copies are not available, but similar versions could be created. 

The maps are actual vintage road maps ranging from the 1950's to the 1990's. If you have a particular style of map or of an era that you want, please include that info in the personalization below. 

The maps are found on eBay, and are usually delivered here within a week. Due to this necessary collection method, the creation of this unique item requires extra time. I will contact you with a delivery estimate once we have confirmed the map information.


To actually get your own, visit the Etsy store!



Custom Personalized Made-To-Order Catan Hexagon Set

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