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Samsara, Again, And Again

• Brea Acton: Female Vocals

• Ben Hjertmann: Male Vocals

• Brooke Lipson: Clarinets

• Daniel Fabricant: String Bass

• Other: Samples, Synths, Beats, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Sound Drama, Jingle Bells, Vocals, Ride Cymbal, Glockenspiel

From desire action follows; from action suffering follows; desire, action, and suffering are like a wheel rotating endlessly. The rolling of this wheel has no beginning and no end; people cannot escape such reincarnation. One life follows another life according to this transmirgating cycle in endless recurrence.

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“The waters of the great oceans are small compared to the ocean of tears you have wept for loved ones who you have lost to illness, aging, and death.”

Buddha, On Tears

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