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Flawless Fractal

(z sub n plus 1 = z sub n squared plus c)

Simple fractal, cosmic force, or just a trace

Rising, falling, your body aches from our embrace

In that moment, all the stars and moons align

As you hold me, only then I reach Sublime

Pretty fractal, somehow crowded in the void

       No room for any other thoughts there,

       just the joy she prepares,

       and the rest she won't share

Firm yet yielding, so in love but still annoyed

       She is the Universal compass,

       no reason to complain,

       no reason to digress

Heaven on Earth, I'm not sure quite what I mean

       She's the answer to my questions,

       Is Happiness a given?

       Do you take suggestions?

Fire and water, it takes both to get the steam

       She is the cause of revolutions,

       alchemeic unions,

       eloquent solutions


This is nothing how the story goes

Watching the back of my own head again

Then the un-cracked mirror spiral grows

And you appear, deep and radiant

Life and death, "Be Or Not To Be"

In their dance is their unity

Yin and Yang, good and evil

The missed opportunity

Flawless fractal, we see now you're always there

       It brings us Universal Wisdom,

       everything is sacred,

       everything's a prism

Glowing darkness, impossible to not impair

       It can be difficult to follow,

       don't forget to exhale,

       don't forget to swallow

Better judgement, not in use until too late

       You can't say we didn't try to warn you,

       now there's nothing to do,

       but to watch what ensues

Hard nor easy, we still tend to bifurcate

       Don't worry, it's okay, we all do,

       binary thinking takes

       all your life to undo

Jenna Mammina, Vocals

Aliva Panigrahi, Vocals

Megan Hewitt, Vocals

Dennise Robledo, Rap

Anita Chanavarkar, Flute

Morgan Nilsen, Clarinet

Lyz Liddell, Bassoon

James Davis, Trumpet

Fleurette Sevin, French Horn

TubaLuke, Tuba


Constance Millcan, Violin

Jennifer Wu, Viola

Myra Chetkin, Cello


Dan Cantrell, Rhodes, Wirlitzer

David Grant, Nord II


Berkeley Synthesizer Museum, Prophet


Other: Trombone, Vocals, Synths

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