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Àguas De Março

by Antonio Carlos Jobim

A point, a grain,

A bee, a bite,

A blink, a buzzard,

The sudden stroke of night.

A snake, a stick,

It isJohn, it is Joe,

It's a thorn in your hand,

And a cut on your toe.

And the riverbank talks

Of the promise of life

It's the joy in your heart

In your heart, in your heart

A pin, a needle,

A sting, a pain,

A snail, a riddle,

A weep, a stain.

A pass in the mountains.

A horse, a mule,

In the distance the shelves.

Rode three shadows of blue.


And the riverbank talks

Of the waters of march

It's the end of all strain

It's the joy in your heart

From: Antônio Carlos Jobim - Matita Perê

Philips Records ‎– 6349 071

Format: Vinyl, 12", Gatefold

Country: Brazil

Released: 1973

Genre: Jazz/Latin

Style: Bossa Nova

Part 2

By Antonio Carlos Jobim

Vocals: Jenna Mammina

Drums: Michael Pinkham

Guitar: Stephen Parris

French Horn: Fleurette Sevin

Recorders, Bassoon: Lyz Liddell

Clarinet: Morgan Nilsen

Cello: Myra Chetkin

Violin: Constance Millican

Viola: Jennifer Wu

Flute: Anita Chandavarkar

Berkeley Synth Museum: ARP Odyssey MKII, Korg MS-20, Korg MS-50

Melodica, Trombone, Toy Piano, Vibraphone, Harpsichord: Other

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