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Cantor's Comb is the name of the full four-album arc and the title of the last album in the series. It is named after the simplest of fractals, detailed by Georg Cantor in 1883. 

Each album in the series has its own themes, philosophies, and implications -- but those themes are also present in the other three albums as well. As a fractal, it is self-similar at all levels.

There is no teleology in the series... you can listen to them in any order and gain the same experience. It isn't a story, there aren't characters or a plot... but it does have something to say, and it can provide deeper understanding of our beautiful, terrifying place in this Universe, to those willing to listen.

This website-guide has several functions:


First, it acts as a bibliography of references in each piece in the album arc, the postmodern undercarriage of each work. 

Second, it suggests connections between works within an album as well as connections to pieces across albums. Every song is related to every other song in one way or other, but the strongest connections are outlined here.

Third, it also includes hints and subliminal messages about the underlying meaning in the works. It won't make anything obvious, that's your work to be done, but considering the imagery etc might help with psychic comprehension...

Fourth, it is a labrynthene journey in itself; fun, meaningful, and expansive. Take a little walk, a scholarly scroll, or an expansive trek... it is just as fractal as the art-work itself. 

Welcome to Cantor's Comb.


16 Tracks - 2011


8 Tracks - 2014


8 Tracks - 2017


16 Tracks - 2021

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